The Outcast 1954 |American Drama Western film|| William Witney and John Derek and Joan Evans.

A young tough heads west to seize the family ranch wrongfully held by a conniving uncle. Of course he finds love as well, and enjoys gun and fistfights in this exciting though unspectacular western. 90m/C VHS . John Derek, Jim Davis, Joan Davis; D: William
Jet Cosgrave (John Derek) returns to his hometown after a nearly decade-long absence to win back the family ranch that rightfully belongs to him. The man who stole the property from him — his corrupt uncle, Maj. Linton Cosgrave (Jim Davis) — has no intention of handing it over, though. In fact, Linton turns Jet into the town outcast. Not going down without a fight, Jet hires gunmen to aid him in his battle, while a poor girl (Joan Evans) who loves him also joins his cause.
John Derek as Jet Cosgrave
Joan Evans as Judy Polsen
Jim Davis as Maj. Linton Cosgrave
Catherine McLeod as Alice Austin
Ben Cooper as The Kid
Taylor Holmes as Andrew Devlin
Nana Bryant as Mrs. Banner
Slim Pickens as Boone Polsen
Frank Ferguson as Chad Polsen
James Millican as Cal Prince
Bob Steele as Dude Rankin
Nacho Galindo as Curly
Harry Carey, Jr. as Bert
Robert ‘Buzz’ Henry as Zeke Polsen
Nicolas Coster as Asa Polsen
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Added on: November 29, 2020

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